“My experience was a powerful catalyst for transformation on a journey that will no doubt last a lifetime. I arrived with deep exhaustion and an immense sense of being overwhelmed by the ever-growing suffering of people, the realities and experiences of loss by too many and the precariousness of life in the face of violence and conflict. That has not gone away – and probably never will – but I departed with a refreshing zest of energy to meet myself and the world. The course stimulated whole-hearted reflections and allowed for delving into challenging questions in a safe, supported and wonderfully held space – the many ripples of which are still in the process of shaping into bigger or smaller waves with all their myriad consequences. The training is not a quick fix for how we can be sustainable in doing what we care about to be part of creating positive change in this world. I see the training more like a toolkit that individually and collectively I/we need to keep going back to, stock up and revise over time to make sure it continues to facilitate learning and nourishment no matter what.”